Tuesday, May 22, 2007

If I had a million dollars... I would buy this album.

MP3 - Wallpaper - A Million Dollars

Ok so Angela over at Eenie Meenie sent me a link to this awesome music blog that was featuring these guys. And you know... I'm STOKED that she did! because damn... if this isn't going somewhere... I don't know what is.

Wallpaper is the side project the front man of a little band you may or may not have heard of called Facing New York. Eric Frederic. At this point its just a duo. with Eric on Vox and keys. and a live drummer.

Now apparently these guys are all about DIY (isn't everybody these days?) but from what I understand... these guys take it to the extreme. I get the whole electro / hip hop / hipster vibe off these guys. and I've only heard a couple songs as I've not heard them perform live at this point. Hopefully I can remedy that soon. If I need to hop the train down into LALA land soon, then so be it.

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Anonymous said...

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