Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Skipping class for a week. well 2 actually

MP3: Sebastien Grainger - Are there ways to come home? (demo)

Ok ok ok. I know. no updates. I've been busy being a world traveler. well California traveler anyway. I've got so much stuff to talk about. and so much music to share. and I'm going to do my best to get it all out by weeks end. but I cant promise anything. :P

I am really excited about this one... Sebastien Grainger. the Drummer from Death From Above 1979. He's finally got his own stuff coming out. and thats great. because i was really starting to miss his art. Its a bit of a different direction for him than his previous band. but thats ok because its still really good. You can hear some similarities... but on a whole... its a different vibe. a bit more chill and go to the beach and have a beerish. I've only heard 3 tracks from the album and they are all supposed demos. but if its any forsight at all into what we can expect, then I'll be very happy. I'm already surfing daily for new demos that hes released.

He isnt signed to any label yet... although I would assume that last gang would pick him up. I dont see why they wouldnt. Its right up thier ally. He just finished a small tour with Metric and I guess hes just been in the studio with members of metric working on his debut album. still no word on the release date. But it looks like he updates his myspace pretty regularly, and occasionaly posts links to demos that hes been working on. theres also quite a few live vids there. where you can hear some songs that I havent heard anywere else yet... all in all... its a pretty cool thing he has going. I am loving it.

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