Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So working for Apple and on The "UNINCORPORATED" Documentary, has left me little time for anything else... like actually updating this blog. So I figured I had better check in with you all and let you know that things are still moving forward.

We've had some awesome experiences with this project so far. Working with Dragonette, Wallpaper, The Telepathic and a few others.

We've got a few more acts lined up, but we need more. So if anyone knows of any artists that would be interested in a film interview to capture thier thoughts on the current state of the music industry, then please hit us up!

If you are not aware of what this documentary is about, allow me to briefly explain... Early this year I got the bright Idea to embark upon probably one of the most intense personal undertakings in my life. I decided that since nobody was really telling an in depth story about what's happening in and around the music industry (you know... like how bands are sick of getting screwed and everyones going at it their own way, and the industry still cant figure out how to conduct business properly etc etc etc.) That I would put together a film getting artists viewpoints on everything from being signed, to not being signed to unauthorized downloading to getting their music on iTunes.

I honestly started out trying to make a very balanced film that told both sides of the story, But the further I got into it... I wasn't finding very much good to tell about the major label side. So far its been a very eye opening experience. The stories I've come across are really amazing stories. The differing viewpoints that I've heard from bands, often times complete opposite opinions within the same band. But I need more. I need your band. I need major bands still, I need indie bands still. I need Industry people to tell their side of the story. This is a story that everyone seems to love talking about, but no one has really sat down to tell the tale and capture it on film.

this is my plea. I need more bands. I need you!

Other than that, I just started working on volume 4 of Joymodes Jukebox Sampler. I know I know I skipped out on that one last year, but thats what happens when you're on the road 24/7, as I was in 2007. So I'm thinking I might make this years release a Deluxe version. like I did a few years ago.

And just because I haven't been reviewing music much these days, doesn't mean there is a lack of it to be reviewed. Or better yet, It doesn't mean that I haven't been listening to TONS of new stuff, that is absolutely blowing my mind.

I'll throw you a couple bones on that one.

Make sure you check out Screen VInyl Image. One of the latest Electro / Psychadelic / Experimental bands from the Big Apple that have been caught up in the influence of perfect noise that only Death By Audio pedals can create.

And then there's the debut album form DFA1979 alumni Sebastien Grainger Probably one of my favorite records from 2008. Especially since I've been waiting for it since the middle of last year.

And of course theres the new Ohgr record. Probably the of the last men on earth actually making what I consider to be REAL INDUSTRIAL music. Would you expect it to be any other way though? Industrial is in my blood, and this record got it pumping and gave me some chills while it was at it.

While we're on the subject of Ohgr, you should also know that hes in an Industrial Rock Opera. Yes I said that correctly... Its called Repo, and its playing in a few select artsy type cities. The soundtrack is Killer.

So obviously there is so much more to discuss. So much more music. So many more ideas, like a possible bi weekly video podcast to discuss / argue about music... I just have to find a good bar to shoot it in. Or get a really good couch so I can really rip off Diggnation properly.

In the meantime you can follow what I'm doing on Twitter.

Until next time.

Tra la la.


Art Silva said...

Good Stuff man. Very interesting what your doing. I cant wait to see the final product! Keep the blogs going and keep us informed!

load universe, aim at brain, FIRE! said...

good stuff! you should get in contact with my buddies from mellowdrone. they're a great band, really smart/insightful, and i'm sure they'd have a lot of interesting things to say about this specific topic!

Dave said...

hah I know those guys, I threw a show for them in Fresno a few years ago. Really sweet band. Put on a great show. Im sure I have thier contact information somewhere still.