Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Like a white trash drug dealer, DooDoo Face will destroy your life.

We're back, not that we really went away... BUT we got busy. However I simply had to put some time aside to warn you all about the new Wallpaper. record that just dropped 7 hours ago.


At 12am Sept 22 1999... er 2009, Wallpaper. released DooDoo Face. And your world got FUNKDAFIED and you didn't even know it. I've been puttin this platter on the decks for a while now at some house parties, clubs and even a few weddings... my god...I havent seen a dancefloor that packed since I got my special edition Love Shack remix EP.

I played it at this one wedding in Thousand Oaks, and HOLY CRAP! Everyone was instantly doodoo faced. It was like all that champagne decided to suddenly kick in. I even saw one chick punch a dude in his nuts AND his face AT THE SAME TIME when this song started. He was just tryna find his self a fine girlfriend yo. It was an instant brawl, but a not a brawl of hate... Im sayin it was a Love brawl. because the whole time people was shakin thier bootys and pouring more bubbly. It looked like one of those MTV videos that I make fun of with all the rap guys pouring champagne all over the ladies and stuff. My lady was head banging and shakin it too. she actually jumped through a door. it was closed. I went to help clean up after the weddding the next day... and all there was left was a hole in the ground. and empty bottles of champagne laying around everywhere.

Basically this record will change your life. and make you possibly make some bad decisions.

If you remember, I told you that you should keep your eye on this little project. back in 2007! Ever since I've been following and occasionaly filming Wallpaper at their shows around Cali. I even made sure that they got to play at my old Apple store. which was a fantastic hit.

Now the record is here, for you all. and it is full of funktastic elektro beats. This is the record that all the electro hipster kids WISH they could make. And this is the record that will bring Electro Funk to the mainstream. It's already half way there, since the video for "I Got Soul" got voted as the best newcomer on MTVU. Of course I voted for it half a million times, but that's besides the point.

Let me put it this way, I'm usually the dude with the wierd music taste. I've accepted this. I've accepted that I'll never see eye to eye with most of society based on musical preference. But I swear to god, Everyone I've shown this record too has been blown away and has gone a little nuts. Even my Brother In Law who is way cooler than me, because he's from Africa, went nuts when he heard it. There's something about those 1970's bass synth lines combined with modern electro hip hop that destroys sanity.

Pretty cool dude. a little funky with the sunglasses, but overall a pretty straight shooter.

I should point out that everyone was pretty normal at the begining of the night. well except for my lady but that's why i made her my lady.

So basically, what I am saying is. if you want to retain normality in your life. DO NOT BUY THIS RECORD. It has the ability to destroy your life. If you arent careful.

However. If you are a square peg lookin to find a round hole, then you should certainly check this record out!

Or if you just love frigging great music. And I mean GREAT music....
with a sense of humor and a LOT of wit. You should most definitley give the DooDoo Face it's Due.

Its out wherever good music is sold, or you can just buy it on ITUNES

You can also check them out this saturday at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco for the Album release party (did I mention that I'll be filming? so make sure you say hi!)

*disclaimer to my family. Hey you guys put the photos on facebook. You cant expect me NOT to use them....


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